I (dont) like tomato

Yesterday, I was still not in the mood of eating something heavy. I kinda lost my appetite these last few days. I can’t really eat. So, I was spoiling myself by went to starbucks for lunch.

I had double decker sandwich and venti cafe latte from Starbucks as my lunch. I’m stuffed, but only somewhat satisfied.

If you asked me, is there food I don’t like? My answer would definetely…. RAW TOMATO!

I just can’t eat raw tomato and their other family members. I mean, I love pasta…and I do eat tomato cos I’m aware that they are good for the body. But, only if they’re cooked and sort invisible to my naked eye. I won’t eat them when they’re raw and chopped or sliced in large bits….

So, I carefully handpicked the tomato from my sandwich (if not obsessively) and put them aside.

Eventhough I managed to get rid off most of the tomato, but apparently there was one small slice hid inside the lettuce. I couldn’t do nothing but cringe when I accidentally bit that evil and sneaky one….