For the girls

Why we do it, girls?

Why do we lower ourselves for a guy?

We just had a big nasty fight with our man. He’s stormed out and is getting punch-drunk with his buddies. He’ll probably crash on someone’s couch and fall into a deep blissful sleep. Where he’ll dream grilling burgers for playboy bunnies.

Meanwhile, we were a train wreck. Completely panicked! He’s sleeping off the pilsner buzz while we’re running mental marathon that goes like this….

Where has he gone?

Why isn’t he answering his mobile?

When is he coming back?

Does he love me?

Why hasn’t he called to tell me that he’s alright?

He must be @ the bar with Tom or John!

Should I call their mobiles? No. Then I’ll have to explain the whole thing.

Maybe I’ll just drive by or stop by their house if he or his car is there.

But what if they see me? They’ll think I’m some kind of stalker.

We just don’t realize that our guy plan to deal with this in the morning. Guys can compartementalize that way. One thing at the time. Listen up girls, if you don’t know this yet, a man’s brain works like this….

Dinner with you

Fight with you

Bar with friends

Crash at friend’s house

Dream of playboy bunnies

Make up sex or break up in the morning.

Meanwhile its 4 AM and we, girls, are bent over a pint of chocolate ice cream going over every single nuance of the argument and I swear, women would make the best microbiologist. Because we dissect and dissect and dissect.

We kept wondering why he was so angry and stormed out then turned off the phone or ignored our calls. Did he do that intentionally?

And we kept call the mobile and left tons of messages, whising perhaps he’ll call in or check his messages or voice mail. We think, we’re crazy. Lunatics. We used our phone to call him and left a pleading message for our man to please please come home.

Come on, girls! We need to empower ourselves, ladies. Its about time we show some gumption. So don’t wait by the phone anymore. Its stupid! Because waiting for them and by the phone is big fat waste of time!