One lazy weekend

I’m enjoying lazy weekend with my kitties.


Since I dont have maid anymore (I fired her 2 weeks ago after I found out that almost 60% from my book collections were eaten by termites), I do all my house chores by myself.


Surprisingly, I can do better and cleaner than my ex-maid. I just dont have time. So, now I was kinda thinking, why I spent so much money for someone to clean my house but she kept stealing from me anyway?


Anyway, after doing all the laundries, clean the house and did some dishes, I have my relax time by watching movies a bit, play games on my facebook a bit, read my favorite books and just laying on my bed and being lazy.

Perfect weekend…………………..simple and quiet.


My ideal man

He must be six foot and over, short-dark hair with a big brown eyes and has nice but strong hands (kalo yang ini ada, nih!). Gentle but with strong character, has sharp and dark-twisted sense of humor, intelligent, kind, and of course generous.

Someone who cares, someone who understands, someone who can lead me, someone that I can trust, someone I can look up to – literally!

Someone who can put smile upon my face, someone who can lighten up my day, someone who can make me laugh and will laugh when I’m trying to be funny. Someone who will be there when I’m not, who will hold my hand when it get scary, who will hug me when things are bad but who let’s it go when I want to do things my way.

The most important is that he’s someone who can save me from me.

Conclusion : Hell, I NEED A SUPERHERO! hahahahhahahahaha