Taking Baby Steps

My friends are worried with my 100% business attitude.

I mean, its been a while since I’m on  ’relationship’ mode. But that didn’t mean I’m not going out on a date. I dated or at least I tried to date, but nothing really stick. I’m still not in the mood and still enjoying with what I have in my life at this moment.

When they asked me why…

Well, when someone you loved and trusted with all of your heart gave a big hole in your chest, it might take a while to heal the wound. Perhaps, it might never really heal. There’s a scar that left behind. I know the fact that some scars are meant to stay as a reminder where we’ve been. But that doesn’t mean that it will dictate us where we are going to. So, be patience.

I’m taking baby steps now. Learning to open up. Learning to have faith and learning to give a chance. But, it can’t go all at once. So, when I’m there, I will find him at the end of the road.

And as for my friends, thank you for always being there for me and loving me as I am. You don’t have to worry. I’m a big girl with a kid at heart…. With all of you girls around me, I’ll live. I’ll survive.


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