(not) Talented

I know a guy who loves to brag, critize and telling people how idiot they are, about photography.

Im quite annoyed actually. Because he has mouth like a woman and zero talent. I’ve seen these kind of people way too many.

I’ve never seen his actual “great photos” taken by him. none.

I always tell people, there’s a big difference between able to buy expensive camera and actually have talent. Because people with money can afford to buy camera, but talent? There’s no store sell that.

If I want to brag, I can say that I am more talented that him. He can shut the fuck up. Because with my tiny camera and my phone, I can create better pictures than him. With his big camera and a proper training, I can go further.

That is the difference. I have the artsy eyes and sense. He doesnt. Should stop bragging until he proves me otherwise.


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