a friend asked, why does my blog contents now have more photos than actual post, which is me writting things? the answer is simple. because I have 2 crazy fans who love to stalk me. Since they are banned from my facebook. They cant see my twitter, path, or instagram either…, they will definitely stalk this blog. Thats why I’m still selecting which post should be publish and which post shouldnt. Besides, I’ve already put the link in my facebook anyway, so all of my friends in my list can open and access this blog too. I have nothing to hide.

For me, I couldnt care less about their lives. Actually, I dont give sh*t about them anymore. But apparently, because I dont give sh*t about them, maybe that what bugs them. I’m going to put my bet that those people already open my blog again. But what I really wanna see if they actually going to give comment with their favourite word, “pathetic”. Of course, they never had guts to put their actual name when they were commenting about others.

I’m going to wait and see.


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