Dear stalkers…

Did you know that….

As we grow older, we don’t lose friends. We just learn who the real ones are. Cause between most of my friends and I, our friendships are at least longer than 10 years. Well, it wasnt always smooth. there were ups and downs. sometimes we got mad to each other and we had a fight. but we got through it. Those fights are our way to compromise and adjust our differences. Now, even though we are living in different cities, countries even continents. It doesnt mean, we dont talk each other or keep in touch anymore. Many ways to communicate now. 

The bond is getting stronger. there is always be little ripples from time to time. but thats always exist in any relationships. not only with friends but further more with our significant other. I feel sorry for you. Because you are the real forms of fake friends. I never thought it exist. but it did. At least I know I have real friends and you dont. It makes me wonder. Fake friends are easy come and easy go. They normally buy their friendship because they just can have it in a normal way. 


very sad indeed. I still hope all the best for you, though.


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