I dont hate them until they started poking my life. In fact, I dont wanna know about them anymore. But apparently, they love me so much and have the urge always want to know about my life. Curious maybe?

Well, I’m not curious to know about their lives. I dont think that theres anything interesting to know. Whats in it for me? I’m more interesting about my family, my friends and my love one.

I also never asked or wanted something bad happens to them. why is there anyone who wants those kind of wishes ?

Cos I certainly dont.

My love one has taught me much. He has shown me so much love and understanding. He taught me to be a better person.

Yes, sometimes I asked about my ex to his buddy. But not to wish hear bad things or hope something bad happen to him. I’m glad that he’s doing great with his life. its good for him. yes, he used to be someone important in my life. but, it doesnt mean I want immediately to be his friend as well. I think, he would agree with me in this case.

So, to these people who had wronged me. I’m sorry….. It might took a very long time to forgive you this time around. If you keep poking my life, I might never going to forgive you. In fact, I might hate you more than anything in this world and universe combine. But you dont care anyway, right? Good! that settles!

Keep on being pathetic stalkers. and until as you always wrote, “what goes around, comes around” smack you in the face.

Honey….. If you read this, I’m so sorry. But I cant forgive them. God, forgive me.



I found it amusing…. a person who has been bashing, bad mouthing all her friends, wrote nasty things about them in her blog, and now scrapping to the pile of those people that she had been treated poorly. must be desperate huh? no more people wants to be your friends anymore. who does ?
thats what i called (using her favorite word) PATHETIC!

start to love using this word only to these two crazy people…. hahaha