Lenong sore

L : Boss, I just threw away the ingredients and spices that is already expired in the cabinet. Some already expired back to 2008.

————- no answer (nothing’s new there)—————-

R : Well, spices dont expire sweety. Leave them, they dont kill. hahahaha

L : (get a bit aggitate to it. took pictures as proof) Look, its 2008. You’re kidding me right? its ancient stuffs you got here.

R : so???? keep them.

L : ( I really wanted to smack his head. Felt like talking to a monkey. but I gave up. before it went further)… okay, I keep them. Happy now ?

R : Wine from 1964 is brilliant (still trying to convince me)

L : Thats wine and that’s different. Okay, I will keep all those spices and ingredients. I will use it for your salmon tonight. Let’s see if you still alive tomorrow.

R : ( no answer. I’m 100% sure that on the otherside, he’s grumpy)


Lenong pagi

R : I’m off to the office now.

Be good.

Dont get into any trouble.

Dont burn anything especially this house.

Dont broke or ruin any appliances.

Be a good babu*, okay ?

L : ( cunihin banget sih monyet satu ini)

You too.

Have a nice day at work.

Dont kill people on the road especially old granny with her tiny car who drives like a snail.

Dont bite people heads off at work.

Above all, work that stinky white ass off, slave.

This is one hell of expensive babu, you got here. Too expensive.

She wants Aston Martin. So, dont kill yourself by driving like a maniac.

At least till I get my Aston Martin.

R : you…..(pointing his finger) you are in big trouble young lady

L : I’m so scared of you…. NOT!

R : ggrrrrrr…… (leaving the house)

hahahahaha…..we are like cat and dog, and he found his match to fight. cause we are alike.

*babu is a word for a maid or cleaning lady in Indonesian but very rude