Lenong sore

L : Boss, I just threw away the ingredients and spices that is already expired in the cabinet. Some already expired back to 2008.

————- no answer (nothing’s new there)—————-

R : Well, spices dont expire sweety. Leave them, they dont kill. hahahaha

L : (get a bit aggitate to it. took pictures as proof) Look, its 2008. You’re kidding me right? its ancient stuffs you got here.

R : so???? keep them.

L : ( I really wanted to smack his head. Felt like talking to a monkey. but I gave up. before it went further)… okay, I keep them. Happy now ?

R : Wine from 1964 is brilliant (still trying to convince me)

L : Thats wine and that’s different. Okay, I will keep all those spices and ingredients. I will use it for your salmon tonight. Let’s see if you still alive tomorrow.

R : ( no answer. I’m 100% sure that on the otherside, he’s grumpy)


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