Whatever makes you happy

Me : K, can I dye my hair pink or green?
K.  : Liefje, you can do whatever you like and whatever makes you happy okay? 
I’m happy if you’re happy.
Me : aw aw aw…. So sweet

And yet people still asked me, why I love this man? ppffthhhh


Comfort food

When I had a bad mood, I need my comfort food. So yesterday when I was doing some transcription for my friend, it got me to the point where I had enough. My mood just dropped and in order to be able to finish my work, I need my comfort food.

Living in the Netherlands is not easy when you missed foods from home and its not easy to find either. luckily, I live in the city where I can find a store that sells the kind of foods I like.

So, if you ask me, what is the food that I craved yesterday. Its nothing fancy actually. I miss Indomie.

This is just an instant noodle. I rarely eat this actually when I was in Indonesia. But somehow, when I’m not there, this is the food that connected me to home.

Its not cheap either here. One pack of this little bugger is around 0,40-0,50 euro. While back home, with that price you can get 4 of those. Hum… I guess they were right, sometimes there were things that you cant put price on it.

Being cheap

Me : Honey, today I went to toko Nina. I went there to buy Indomie. I bought 5 of those for 2,5 euro. Its so expensive. Tuti said that I can get 39 cents in Jumbo. Do you know where is Jumbo located in Haarlem ?

K  : why dont you google it, hon ?

Me : They said its in engelenburg. Its about 3,8 km from here. Do you know it?

K : o, Its all the way up north. But you can go there by yourself. I will buy you bicycle. Goodluck going there for saving 10 cents, honey.

Me : *give him annoyed look*