Three days ago, I went to Hudson’s Bay with my classmates. One of them was looking for a new crossbody bag. When we went to the bags section in the basement, I saw in the middle of the room Louis Vuitton bags. A lot of them. I knew for sure that Louis Vuitton has only two stores in Amsterdam. Knowing that Hudson’s Bay sells LV’s bags, it got me curious. So, I went straight to the bags. I looked at them and the price tags. One of them was €1,200. But it didn’t look new. Then I asked the saleswoman, whether these are secondhand bags. She answered it’s vintage. ppfftt… sure. Vintage my ass.

I hate that word. Vintage. They used the word “vintage” for something that has been used by other people. Seriously? It used stuff. I don’t believe that secondhand stuff can be vintage. I have difficulty to chew and digest the word. For someone who used to be poor and wore many handout clothes, I made a promise to myself that my goal in life is never wearing another used, or handout stuffs ever again, moreover to buy one. So the idea spending thousands of euros for “vintage” bag, it’s ridiculous. I prefer to buy €10 new bag than €1,200 old bag. Branded or not.  Thanks but no thanks. Besides, if I really wanted to buy bags with that price. I’m sure there are many new bags in that price range.


The Sunken Chip

Reviewing this place is hard and a little bit painful for me. Because I’ve been following their instagram since 2016 and it has been featured in so many big magazines or newspapers. So, I kinda have high hopes for the food that they are serving. What can go wrong, right?

My husband and I, we love fish ‘n chips. I mean, love it a lot! I have been telling him about this place and how much I wanted to try eating here. Finally, when we went to Paris, the first stop that we’ve made, this place. I was too excited to be here. We saw the menu, and we chose the classic fish ‘n chips.

However, when the food arrived, I was disappointed and a little bit heartbroken. It didn’t lift up my expectation. First of all, I didn’t know that the batter was beer batter. I have malt intolerance so that beer would be a big no no for me. This was my biggest mistake because I didn’t check it first. But still, it didn’t justify the taste. It wasn’t as good as I thought would be. Secondly, the fries were soggy with oil. My husband is one of those people who rarely give a comment or complain about anything. This time he complained. He said this would be the first and the last. I couldn’t agree more for this. I was very sad when I ate my food. I couldn’t finish it anyway because I started to feel numb on my lips.


Oh well, sometimes it can be hit or miss, right?

Notting Hill Coffee

I never like the idea to have breakfast in the hotel. I prefer to explore cafe in the city. That is why I love to choose a hotel that located in the city center where you can find a place to eat easily.

Before we left for Paris, we went to the Lille city center to have a breakfast in one of the hippest coffee places in town. The place called the Notting Hill coffee. I think that they have few locations in Lille. But we went to the one across the Lille opera house.

It was Monday morning. Surprisingly, they weren’t busy.  So, we were enjoying our breakfast more relax. I love the idea that the croissant was still warm and fresh. Maybe it is a French thing. The coffees were fantastic. I mean, I seriously love my coffee, and I know a lot about coffee. So, I know what I’m talking about.

We were so happy when we left that place. So, if you ever visit Lille, maybe you can check this place as well.

Paris, Je t’aime

Meskipun sekarang orang sering bilang bahwa Paris overrated, tapi Paris tetap merupakan salah satu kota cantik di Eropa. Perpaduan antik dan modern menjadikan Paris tempat yang menarik untuk dikunjungi. Belum lagi julukan pusat mode dunia menjadikan Paris rumah bagi designer-designer ternama dunia serta surga belanja bagi para pencinta mode dunia.

Sunset in Cathedral Notre-Dame

Bagi saya pencinta seni dan bangunan-bangunan tua, Paris memiliki tempat tersendiri di hati saya. Meskipun saya sudah beberapa kali Paris, saya tidak pernah bosan. Selalu saja menemukan sesuatu hal yang baru.

Seine river

Minggu lalu, Paris diguyur hujan deras yang mengakibatkan naiknya air di permukaan sungai Seine. Akan tetapi ini tidak menyurutkan niat saya untuk berkunjung ke Paris. Saya dan suami saya, kami harus siap-siap untuk kemungkinan terburuk, apabila Paris banjir total, kami akan kembali ke Lille atau ke kota lain di Perancis dan membatalkan liburan di Paris meskipun sudah membayar penuh penginapan di sana. Untungnya hal ini tidak terjadi dan kami bisa menikmati liburan kami di Paris.

Eglise Saint-Etienne- du Mont

Liburan kali ini, saya dan suami saya lebih santai karena kami tidak harus mengeksplorasi tempat-tempat baru. Sebaliknya kami hanya playing tourist ke tempat-tempat favorit kami, menikmati indahnya kota Paris, minum kopi dan mengambil foto-foto di tempat-tempat yang saya anggap menarik. Setelah itu kami menikmati makan malam di restoran-restoran Perancis yang terkenal dengan fine dining-nya. Jujur saja, saya senang sekali menemukan restoran-restoran bagus dengan harga yang masih  affordable bagi kantong kami.

Metro station Pasteur

Paris merupakan salah satu negara yang memiliki sistem transportasi metro yang cukup baik. Sebagai kota metropolitan, jaringan metro dan kereta di Paris sangat menarik. Bagaikan labirin yang siap dieksplor.


Montmatre juga merupakan salah satu tempat yang paling menarik untuk ditelusuri sambil berjalan kaki. Tanjakan menuju gereja Sacre Coeur layak untuk didaki untuk mandapatkan pemandangan kota Paris.

Sacre Coeur

Menara Eiffel pun merupakan pusat atraksi yang selalu menarik. saya mengambil banyak sekali foto menara Eiffel di malam hari dengan lampu-lampunya. Sayangnya saya tidak bisa berbagi foto tersebut di blog saya karena ilegal.

Eiffel Tower in a cloudy day

Selama tiga hari di Paris, cuaca selalu mendung dan berawan sehingga cukup sulit bagi saya mendapatkan foto-foto yang indah. Suksesnya wisata kuliner kami di Paris, membuat kami  berencana kembali ke Paris untuk berburu restoran-restoran fine dining. Tentu saja yang terjangkau dengan kantong kami.

Gare du Nord

Au revoir Paris, I will see you again. Soon.