The Sunken Chip

Reviewing this place is hard and a little bit painful for me. Because I’ve been following their instagram since 2016 and it has been featured in so many big magazines or newspapers. So, I kinda have high hopes for the food that they are serving. What can go wrong, right?

My husband and I, we love fish ‘n chips. I mean, love it a lot! I have been telling him about this place and how much I wanted to try eating here. Finally, when we went to Paris, the first stop that we’ve made, this place. I was too excited to be here. We saw the menu, and we chose the classic fish ‘n chips.

However, when the food arrived, I was disappointed and a little bit heartbroken. It didn’t lift up my expectation. First of all, I didn’t know that the batter was beer batter. I have malt intolerance so that beer would be a big no no for me. This was my biggest mistake because I didn’t check it first. But still, it didn’t justify the taste. It wasn’t as good as I thought would be. Secondly, the fries were soggy with oil. My husband is one of those people who rarely give a comment or complain about anything. This time he complained. He said this would be the first and the last. I couldn’t agree more for this. I was very sad when I ate my food. I couldn’t finish it anyway because I started to feel numb on my lips.


Oh well, sometimes it can be hit or miss, right?


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