Husband Last Name

I got question about this, A LOT!

So, let me get this straight. I am sick and tired of people asking about why am I not changing my last name to my husband last name.

Okay, I know, I know, it’s a trend among people. Mostly Indonesian. The minutes they got married or finished with ijab kabul, they updated all of their social media and immediately changed their last name. Well, if that makes you happy, proud, whatever, sure. Why not? Do it.

But for me, I don’t see the need to do so. I’m proud of my own name. I made a name with my own name. So the idea that me changing my name in social media by adding my husband last name, it’s unlikely. It’s not my thing. Besides, if I want to do that, I have to see the benefits or the add value of me doing that.

So, there you go.



2 indian tourists came to the store

T1 : May I ask, maam?

Me : Sure.

T1 : what is the scheme here?

Me : huh? what do you mean?

T2 : I saw there, € 1,99 magnet and if I take 3, I pay €5. The €2,99 magnet and 4 is €10. If I buy the keychain 10, can I get discount?

Me : Well, the scheme is simple. You buy 10, you pay 10 😈😈😈

T1 + T2 : ah okay

Co-worker : 🤣🤣🤣 jij bent zo gemeen

It’s summer… not

On the bus

L : This morning I got so many dirty look from other people as if I had lost my f***ing mind just because I wore a skirt and flats shoes.

K : Yeah, it was still cold this morning and you dressed as if it’s summer already.

L : just because most of the dutchies like to dress as if they wanted to go to the funeral, It doesnt mean that I’m going to dress that way as well. I like color in my dress. I need color. I had enough look like a penguin that went to the funeral for the last 6 month. ppffttt

My weakness

I had to wait to block 4 to finally get a hunky professor. I mean, OMG! my economics professor is just HOT! Towering 6’3, he actually has a brain to match, great sense of humour and know how to poke a fun of himself. how can you not like that?

I rarely stalked my professor through the internet, but boy, this time I just cant help myself. Found out that he has Phd in Economics, avid cyclist and he’s just damn gorgeous.

I might be a married woman. But I was made from flesh and blood. I’m a normal human being who appreciate a beautiful thing… hahahaha… I sounded like a perverted. Oh, well.. after enduring all these weird professors from obnoxious, full of themselves to assholes ones, I need to see beautiful things in the class at least.

This is going to be the most interesting class to me. They really save the best for last.

Taste of home

Impian anak sekolah jaman now tuh simple banget sebenernya. Stok sambal belibis salah satunya. Kalau menemukan ini, seperti menemukan harta karun. A taste of home

Akhir-akhir ini, susah sekali menemukan sambal belibis di pasaran Belanda. Sepertinya, importir bahan makanan untuk barang-barang dari asia stop mengimpor sambal ini meskipun banyak peminatnya. Jadilah satu tahun terakhir, anak sekolah ini menunggu kemurahan hati dari tamu-tamu yang datang ke Belanda membawakan sambel belibis. Kebanyakan tamu-tamu hanya membawa sambel belibis dalam bentuk kemasan sachet. Sedihnya hidup anak sekolah satu ini.


Awal bulan ini, ada importir baru yang bermain di pasar Belanda dengan menjual barang-barang khusus dari Indonesia. You cant imagine how happy I was when I found out that they have this brand as well. Yesterday, I ordered 4 bottles just because I thought I had to pick them up in Rotterdam. Today the seller told me that he had to pick up guests from Indonesia in Schipol airport, he sugessted that I could meet him there. I was so excited! Because I just need to take a bus from my school to the airport. But I forgot that I could request more… oh well, I can always order more if I want more.

It turns out, it doesn’t take much to make me happy.