Sleepy, Lazy …

It’s still cold and gloomy/sunny outside.  Honestly, I just don’t have any desire to even go out.

I have just went home from the hospital and have to wait there for about an hour or so. I hate waiting …

I still have to go to campus this afternoon, though … I have classes … arrgh … it’s so hard just to get my butt off from this sofa … too comfy. Surprisingly, I do like school life … but I don’t feel like being a good student at the moment … I wanna go out … I  need a break …  I need vacation or smallcation … the past two weeks were very tiring ones …

Well, actually … hubby and I are planning to hang out today …. not sure where we’re going to … we’re thinking of watching whatever films in Pathe or probably just trying new seafoodbar in Spui … I dunno … meanwhile, I just sit here, killing my time, writing this mindless blog …

I have several things wandering around my mind, but they’re too random to be written … in other words … I don’t know what to write … blah!

oh well, it’s 13.20 now … I’d better get ready to go to my school … hope y’all have a great day! cheerio!


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