My weakness

I had to wait to block 4 to finally get a hunky professor. I mean, OMG! my economics professor is just HOT! Towering 6’3, he actually has a brain to match, great sense of humour and know how to poke a fun of himself. how can you not like that?

I rarely stalked my professor through the internet, but boy, this time I just cant help myself. Found out that he has Phd in Economics, avid cyclist and he’s just damn gorgeous.

I might be a married woman. But I was made from flesh and blood. I’m a normal human being who appreciate a beautiful thing… hahahaha… I sounded like a perverted. Oh, well.. after enduring all these weird professors from obnoxious, full of themselves to assholes ones, I need to see beautiful things in the class at least.

This is going to be the most interesting class to me. They really save the best for last.


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