Being Mean

Bacil di kelas : elo ke kampus gitu aja?

Gue : iya

Bacil di kelas: gak bawa buku?

Gue : yah, bawa buku segede2 gaban ke kampus juga ngapain kalo masih dapet 5,5 doang mah. mending gue, kayak tante girang dan gak sakit punggung, tapi masih dapet 8. *sambil ngoloyor*


Feeling uninspired

I have a writer’s block. I have been staring my laptop screen, and cant move pass the first paragraph. It kinda sucks because this paper has a significant portion of my grades. I told the professor that I felt uninspired. Not only by the topics but also with the whole shitty subject. He just felt sorry for me because I have to pass the class in order to be able to obtain my diploma in the summer. So, I can move on to a better school.

It’s sunny here in Amsterdam. So I decided to pack my bag, laptop, and all my reading materials and find a place to park my ass in the city where I can sit, enjoy the weather and doing what I do best. People watching. Hopefully, I can get some inspiration to write something on my paper.

At this moment, I am just scrambling my mind and writing whatever on my blog.

I hope I can meet the deadline…