Being Mean

Bacil di kelas : elo ke kampus gitu aja?

Gue : iya

Bacil di kelas: gak bawa buku?

Gue : yah, bawa buku segede2 gaban ke kampus juga ngapain kalo masih dapet 5,5 doang mah. mending gue, kayak tante girang dan gak sakit punggung, tapi masih dapet 8. *sambil ngoloyor*


It’s summer… not

On the bus

L : This morning I got so many dirty look from other people as if I had lost my f***ing mind just because I wore a skirt and flats shoes.

K : Yeah, it was still cold this morning and you dressed as if it’s summer already.

L : just because most of the dutchies like to dress as if they wanted to go to the funeral, It doesnt mean that I’m going to dress that way as well. I like color in my dress. I need color. I had enough look like a penguin that went to the funeral for the last 6 month. ppffttt