Inburgering failed

In the bus

Me : There’s no way I’m going to wear the leopard print. It’s fucking hideous! Dont understand the dutchies obsession on leopard prints.

K : inburgering toets fail right there!

Me : 😂😂😂


Feeling uninspired

I have a writer’s block. I have been staring my laptop screen, and cant move pass the first paragraph. It kinda sucks because this paper has a significant portion of my grades. I told the professor that I felt uninspired. Not only by the topics but also with the whole shitty subject. He just felt sorry for me because I have to pass the class in order to be able to obtain my diploma in the summer. So, I can move on to a better school.

It’s sunny here in Amsterdam. So I decided to pack my bag, laptop, and all my reading materials and find a place to park my ass in the city where I can sit, enjoy the weather and doing what I do best. People watching. Hopefully, I can get some inspiration to write something on my paper.

At this moment, I am just scrambling my mind and writing whatever on my blog.

I hope I can meet the deadline…

My ideal man

He must be six foot and over, short-dark hair with a big brown eyes and has nice but strong hands (kalo yang ini ada, nih!). Gentle but with strong character, has sharp and dark-twisted sense of humor, intelligent, kind, and of course generous.

Someone who cares, someone who understands, someone who can lead me, someone that I can trust, someone I can look up to – literally!

Someone who can put smile upon my face, someone who can lighten up my day, someone who can make me laugh and will laugh when I’m trying to be funny. Someone who will be there when I’m not, who will hold my hand when it get scary, who will hug me when things are bad but who let’s it go when I want to do things my way.

The most important is that he’s someone who can save me from me.

Conclusion : Hell, I NEED A SUPERHERO! hahahahhahahahaha

4 things that can turn women heads

1. Handsome or cute hunks

Admit it!!!… If there’s a handsome, cute or beautiful man…..we, women could not resist not to look or turn our heads to see, aight?

2. Cookies, chocolate and ice cream

Yum!… Its really a guilty pleasure. Especially if the ice cream is our favorite flavour…. Couldn’t resist not to turn our head.


It would be lie if you see SALE 80% then just walk away and ignore it, especially if the one that on SALE is our favorite brands or luxurious and expensive brands that sometimes we could not afford it to buy in normal price.

4. HOT gossips!!

C’mon… What’s hot gossips today? Who’s the one on gossips? We all know and most of the time we can’t resist not to turn our head if we see or meet the gossip victim