It’s summer… not

On the bus

L : This morning I got so many dirty look from other people as if I had lost my f***ing mind just because I wore a skirt and flats shoes.

K : Yeah, it was still cold this morning and you dressed as if it’s summer already.

L : just because most of the dutchies like to dress as if they wanted to go to the funeral, It doesnt mean that I’m going to dress that way as well. I like color in my dress. I need color. I had enough look like a penguin that went to the funeral for the last 6 month. ppffttt


Feeling uninspired

I have a writer’s block. I have been staring my laptop screen, and cant move pass the first paragraph. It kinda sucks because this paper has a significant portion of my grades. I told the professor that I felt uninspired. Not only by the topics but also with the whole shitty subject. He just felt sorry for me because I have to pass the class in order to be able to obtain my diploma in the summer. So, I can move on to a better school.

It’s sunny here in Amsterdam. So I decided to pack my bag, laptop, and all my reading materials and find a place to park my ass in the city where I can sit, enjoy the weather and doing what I do best. People watching. Hopefully, I can get some inspiration to write something on my paper.

At this moment, I am just scrambling my mind and writing whatever on my blog.

I hope I can meet the deadline…

Being cheap

Me : Honey, today I went to toko Nina. I went there to buy Indomie. I bought 5 of those for 2,5 euro. Its so expensive. Tuti said that I can get 39 cents in Jumbo. Do you know where is Jumbo located in Haarlem ?

K  : why dont you google it, hon ?

Me : They said its in engelenburg. Its about 3,8 km from here. Do you know it?

K : o, Its all the way up north. But you can go there by yourself. I will buy you bicycle. Goodluck going there for saving 10 cents, honey.

Me : *give him annoyed look*

Lenong sore

L : Boss, I just threw away the ingredients and spices that is already expired in the cabinet. Some already expired back to 2008.

————- no answer (nothing’s new there)—————-

R : Well, spices dont expire sweety. Leave them, they dont kill. hahahaha

L : (get a bit aggitate to it. took pictures as proof) Look, its 2008. You’re kidding me right? its ancient stuffs you got here.

R : so???? keep them.

L : ( I really wanted to smack his head. Felt like talking to a monkey. but I gave up. before it went further)… okay, I keep them. Happy now ?

R : Wine from 1964 is brilliant (still trying to convince me)

L : Thats wine and that’s different. Okay, I will keep all those spices and ingredients. I will use it for your salmon tonight. Let’s see if you still alive tomorrow.

R : ( no answer. I’m 100% sure that on the otherside, he’s grumpy)