Husband Last Name

I got question about this, A LOT!

So, let me get this straight. I am sick and tired of people asking about why am I not changing my last name to my husband last name.

Okay, I know, I know, it’s a trend among people. Mostly Indonesian. The minutes they got married or finished with ijab kabul, they updated all of their social media and immediately changed their last name. Well, if that makes you happy, proud, whatever, sure. Why not? Do it.

But for me, I don’t see the need to do so. I’m proud of my own name. I made a name with my own name. So the idea that me changing my name in social media by adding my husband last name, it’s unlikely. It’s not my thing. Besides, if I want to do that, I have to see the benefits or the add value of me doing that.

So, there you go.


Sleepy, Lazy …

It’s still cold and gloomy/sunny outside.  Honestly, I just don’t have any desire to even go out.

I have just went home from the hospital and have to wait there for about an hour or so. I hate waiting …

I still have to go to campus this afternoon, though … I have classes … arrgh … it’s so hard just to get my butt off from this sofa … too comfy. Surprisingly, I do like school life … but I don’t feel like being a good student at the moment … I wanna go out … I  need a break …  I need vacation or smallcation … the past two weeks were very tiring ones …

Well, actually … hubby and I are planning to hang out today …. not sure where we’re going to … we’re thinking of watching whatever films in Pathe or probably just trying new seafoodbar in Spui … I dunno … meanwhile, I just sit here, killing my time, writing this mindless blog …

I have several things wandering around my mind, but they’re too random to be written … in other words … I don’t know what to write … blah!

oh well, it’s 13.20 now … I’d better get ready to go to my school … hope y’all have a great day! cheerio!

Feeling uninspired

I have a writer’s block. I have been staring my laptop screen, and cant move pass the first paragraph. It kinda sucks because this paper has a significant portion of my grades. I told the professor that I felt uninspired. Not only by the topics but also with the whole shitty subject. He just felt sorry for me because I have to pass the class in order to be able to obtain my diploma in the summer. So, I can move on to a better school.

It’s sunny here in Amsterdam. So I decided to pack my bag, laptop, and all my reading materials and find a place to park my ass in the city where I can sit, enjoy the weather and doing what I do best. People watching. Hopefully, I can get some inspiration to write something on my paper.

At this moment, I am just scrambling my mind and writing whatever on my blog.

I hope I can meet the deadline…

Lenong sore

L : Boss, I just threw away the ingredients and spices that is already expired in the cabinet. Some already expired back to 2008.

————- no answer (nothing’s new there)—————-

R : Well, spices dont expire sweety. Leave them, they dont kill. hahahaha

L : (get a bit aggitate to it. took pictures as proof) Look, its 2008. You’re kidding me right? its ancient stuffs you got here.

R : so???? keep them.

L : ( I really wanted to smack his head. Felt like talking to a monkey. but I gave up. before it went further)… okay, I keep them. Happy now ?

R : Wine from 1964 is brilliant (still trying to convince me)

L : Thats wine and that’s different. Okay, I will keep all those spices and ingredients. I will use it for your salmon tonight. Let’s see if you still alive tomorrow.

R : ( no answer. I’m 100% sure that on the otherside, he’s grumpy)