Three days ago, I went to Hudson’s Bay with my classmates. One of them was looking for a new crossbody bag. When we went to the bags section in the basement, I saw in the middle of the room Louis Vuitton bags. A lot of them. I knew for sure that Louis Vuitton has only two stores in Amsterdam. Knowing that Hudson’s Bay sells LV’s bags, it got me curious. So, I went straight to the bags. I looked at them and the price tags. One of them was €1,200. But it didn’t look new. Then I asked the saleswoman, whether these are secondhand bags. She answered it’s vintage. ppfftt… sure. Vintage my ass.

I hate that word. Vintage. They used the word “vintage” for something that has been used by other people. Seriously? It used stuff. I don’t believe that secondhand stuff can be vintage. I have difficulty to chew and digest the word. For someone who used to be poor and wore many handout clothes, I made a promise to myself that my goal in life is never wearing another used, or handout stuffs ever again, moreover to buy one. So the idea spending thousands of euros for “vintage” bag, it’s ridiculous. I prefer to buy €10 new bag than €1,200 old bag. Branded or not.  Thanks but no thanks. Besides, if I really wanted to buy bags with that price. I’m sure there are many new bags in that price range.